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Campaigning / Survey
"Bhartiya has initiated a campaigning survey with a purpose to make the common man aware about what social media, actually, is? And also what role it plays for the betterment of the society? Social media refers to interaction among people in which they create, share, and/or exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks. But nowadays Facebook, twitter etc has changed this definition, social media is not just liking or disliking someone or something but much more than this. Bhartiya has taken an initiative, through this survey, to create awareness among young India about their Political System, to make them realize what role they need to play for having a better India."
Welcome to Bhartiya Rajneeti
In today’s turbulent times of Political Turmoil and Social upheaval, we as a society are facing a critical Scenario. People are loosing Trust in their Political Leaders and there is tremendous lack of faith and tolerance for each other.
That is why the role of politicians as such has become more significant for shaping the social and Political Structure before things get worse. In every community, colony and region, there are certain people who are politically and socially active and sincerely want to contribute something significant to the society but you may not know about them.
We, the pioneers of Bhartiya have started this portal with the aim of Bridging this gap of communication and information between the people and their Leaders by providing the platform for knowing and connecting with each other to resolve the issues for the betterment of the society as a whole. For this purpose we have made the use of Information Technology so that you are able to have the Right Information about Politically Active Right People at the Right Time and Right Place just at the click of the mouse on your computer and we believe that this venture will prove to be a milestone for making the things better in the context of our Political and Social Environment.
Bhartiya Rajneeti Campaigning / Survey
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